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Manual expert curation service Raw NGS data to diagnostics statements Personalized medical report Variant classification & annotation No bioinformatics expertise needed

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Classification 3-tier system
Quality Manual curation
Annotation Public database
Notification Inform user
Pathogenity MLL Predictor
VCF file user file
Allele frequency distribution
Type of mutation/variation
Disease entitiy distriubtion
Coding change
Protein change
Genetic location
MLL prediction score
Frequency of the positive individuals
Quarterly basis update
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Number of samples
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# Genes for query
# Unique variants
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Variants associated with different hematological diseases

MLL Pathogenicity Predictor

MLLi:db Variants with annotations in public databases

Variant Types

17.78%     Silent
38.68%   Missense
15.70%    Frameshift
19.57%    Nonsense
2.50%     In-frame
5.77%     Splice site
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